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Often mistaken for a rock star's tour bus on the outside, the inside of this custom-outfitted coach is fully equipped for business, including software applications and weighing equipment, some in miniature, which can be demonstrated hands-on.

The complete mobile learning center features proven solutions used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, food processing, material handling, construction materials, waste, and forestry industries. And in the back of the coach is a large conference room for holding group discussions.

The prevailing concept behind the Rice Lake coach is absolute customer service, which involves taking their weight-related products directly to customers. Traveling across the continent, the Mobile Marketing Unit (MMU) conducts a trade exposition and service school for equipment buyers and operators. Rice Lake also conducts tours, such as their current "Power to the Process" tour, in which expert tour guides deliver the technology and training right to the customer's door.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems, an ISO 9001-registered company, has been in the industrial scale and process-control weighing industry for 60 years. They design, manufacture, and distribute equipment through a worldwide network of independent scale distributors, and offer more than 20,000 products-the largest selection of weighing products available.
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