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This "echo" series coach #1156, a triple-slide Prevost H3-45, features a dramatic dual exterior paint rendering. On the passenger's side, white stripes are featured against a red and black background and vibrant splatter pattern; the driver's side is reversed with red and black stripes and a black splatter pattern against a white background. The red, white, and black theme is splendidly repeated in the interior of this oh-so-sleek coach.

Stepping from the stunning black granite entryway, the spacious salon is a study in contemporary styling, from the combo of cream and walnut laminate walls to the sophisticated dark wood plank floors. A streamlined hand-sewn "biscuit" leather couch with matching oversized chair and a leather ottoman with a unique walnut laminated base are complemented by red, white, and black accents including throw pillows and a sculptured area rug. A spectacular "pinwheel" style ceiling draws attention to the accents with its intricate interwoven panels in the red, black, white theme.

There are so many details in this coach, even the artwork reflects a modern, conceptual theme. A sampling of Spanish surrealist artist Joan Miro prints adorn the walls. The fixtures exude a modern/industrial feel as well, including two chrome sinks illuminated via fiber optic lighting. In addition, the coach has three TVs as well as an abundance of storage space; two large closets in the hallway and a third in the bedroom suite.
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